Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tye Dye Cupcakes

These are so easy and cute, especially when you don't accidentally melt your frosting :x. :) I saw these on Big Red Kitchen and I had to make them.

To make the cupcake part you:
       1) Start with a box of vanilla cake mix
       2) Divide the cake mix into three bowls, they do not have to be perfectly equal
       3) Using food coloring dye one bowl of cake mix red, one blue, and one yellow
       4) Now line your cupcake pan so you can start pouring the colors in
       5) Use tablespoons to pour each color into the cupcake liner, let the colors blend
       themselves BUT DO NOT MIX THEM!!
       6) Now put your cupcakes in the oven and get excited.

The frosting is very similar, using buttercream will be much easier and your colors will come out better, but in my opinion regular frosting tastes much better so that is what I used.

To dye the frosting:
       1) Split the frosting into three bowls
       2) Using food coloring dye one bowl red, one yellow, and one blue
       3) Use tablespoons to put the dyed frosting in a decorating bag switching colors
       after each tablespoon, again let the colors blend themselves do not mix them!
       4) DECORATE! :) Swirl the frosting on the top of the cupcakes for exciting treats

Now you can try it with those jumbo cupcake molds, add matching tri-color cookies for fun.

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