Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cake Making Essentials

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In order to make amazing and cute cakes you are going to need the right tools.  Unfortunately all of those tools can start to get very expensive, not to mention you only have a limited amount of space to store everything.  

Wilton's Mini Stand-Up Bear pan is essential.  First it is extremely easy to use and can create 3D bears.  That's great, but that's not all.  I used this mold to make the Max and Ruby figures on my Max and Ruby Cake.  My next cake is going to be a Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake which will also have figures made from this mold. 

The advantages of using this mold include having cake figures rather than gum paste or fondant figures.  The cake figures taste better and make your cake go farther with the party guests.

How to transform the bear into Max and Ruby:
                     First you bake the bear following the directions on the box.  After you have let the bear cool you can start to transform it by carefully shaving off unneeded pieces.  These pieces include their ears and snouts.  The rest of the bear will be covered in frosting and fondant so you do not have to worry about their arms or feet but save the fondant and frosting for last.  Carefully shave the ears and snout off so that their heads are round.  Using any extra cake (it must have already been baked and can include the pieces that you shaved off of the bears) make crumbs and mix them with small amount of frosting as if you were making a cake pop because that is what the ears will be made out of.  Shape bunny ears out of your cake pop mixture, melt chocolate, dip a stick into the chocolate and then into the individual ear, let that cool before dipping the ear in chocolate because that will be done later.  Now dunk the bear's head into melted chocolate and fully cover his head, you shouldn't have too many drips if your chocolate is the right temperature.  If it does drip a lot it means your chocolate is too hot but don't worry because you will be covering the bears's body anyway.  Before the bear's newly chocolate covered head hardens you want to dip your bunny ears into the chocolate so that you can get the stick into the bear's head.  Do not worry about pushing the stick all the way in until it is dry.  This allows you to get the ears on easily and it holds the ear so it can dry without being placed on a flat surface.  Now decorate to your hearts content with frosting, fondant, and edible markers.

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