Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bunny Butt Cupcakes

Funny Easter Treats

I believe I got this idea from the book Hello Cupcake.

I piped the grass with regular frosting (I am somewhat anti-buttercream) and a ZIPLOC BAG!  This was before I had discovered decorating bags and the tip that pipes grass, which I now know is much easier.

These cupcakes a silly, easy, and great for kids.  To make these cupcakes:

1) Dye some frosting green and use tip #133, or use Hello Cupcake's ziploc method.

2) For the actual "bunny butts" I used a thin layer of chocolate frosting and rolled the cupcake in Oreo crumbs

3) The tails are mini marshmellows, I used a little bit of chocolate frosting to stick them to the bunny

4) The feet are chocolate covered circus peanuts.  If you can find white ones that's great and much easier, if you are like me and can only find orange ones you might need to coat them in white chocolate.

5) Stick the feet onto the bunny's butt and let it dry there

6) Finally decorate their little paws, I used a black decorating gel from King Kullen, and Vuela!

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