Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ribbon Cake

If you know how to use fondant this cake is a piece of cake (at least I think I'm funny). This simple cake is quick and easy but will impress all of your guests.

To make this cake:
               1) Cover both square layers in separate pieces of fondant
               2) Stack the layers, I did not use any support system or board under the smaller square
               3) Make the bow loops ahead of time, hopefully I will have a video demonstrating how to make 
                   them up on here soon. I mixed fondant loops with real ribbon to make the bows really pop.
               4) Using a gold pearl dust and a stencil I stenciled a simple design on the bottom layer
               5) Cut fondant strips for the flat part of the ribbon, I dusted the top one with a pearl dust
               6) Pipe a shell pattern around the edges
               7) Use a small dot of water to attach the bow loops to eachother
               8) Use a small amount of frosting to attach the real ribbon onto the fondant bow and top with a
                   flattened ball of fondant, dusted with pearl dust

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