Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turkey Brownies

I got the idea for these from Erica's Sweet Tooth but I made a few changes :)

How To:
       1) Bake a box of brownie mix in a 13x9 pan
       2) Roll the baked brownies into balls, this is easiest when
           they are still warm, only make the bodies
       3) Instead of dipping them in chocolate I dipped them in
           melted chocolate frosting 
       4) Next I stuck a whopper onto the frosting coated body
       5) Stick 3 candy corns behind the turkey's head
       6) Now let the frosting cool and harden before decorating the
           faces :)
       7) The faces are really easy, pipe on short lines of vanilla
            frosting for the eyes and using a black decorating gel
            place a dot of black on each eye, try to keep them from
            being cross eyed if you can :P.
8) I made their beaks out of yellow fondant, mold the fondant into a beak shape, dab the side that will be attached to the whopper with
    a small bit of water and stick the beak to the whopper.
9) Share with family and friends !

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