Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sprinkle Cookies

First I would like to apologize for my awful photography skills, I'll work on the lighting and presentation but at least these taste delicious!

These cookies are great if you are in a rush but want something that looks like it took time.

Start with any sugar cookie recipe, I'll be posting my favorite recipe soon :).  Homemade and store bought dough will both work.  Set up a cookie sheet covered in foil or wax paper and pour sprinkles on it.  The cookie sheet will keep the sprinkles from being scattered onto your counter and make clean up easier.  Roll the dough into a log; as thick as you'd like, the thicker the log is the bigger the cookies will be.  If you bought pre-made dough this step is already done for you.  

Roll the log of cookie dough in the sprinkles making sure the sides are covered in sprinkles.  Now chill the sprinkle covered dough in the freezer for about ten minutes, this will make cutting the dough easier and allow the cookies to maintain their shape better.  Finally slice the dough into cookie slices before putting the cookies on a cookie sheet and into the oven.  Follow the baking instructions for the cookie dough.

Pouring any extra sprinkles back into their container will be easy because of the foil or wax paper you lined your cookie sheet with.

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