Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sugar Sheets and Cake Tattoos

 Playing around with sugar sheets and cake tattoos.
While these are awesome for adding easy designs to your cake I prefer Duff's cake tattoos over Wilton's sugar sheets.  Wilton's sugar sheets are thicker than Duff's cake tattoos so they are harder to stick on the cake.  The cake tattoos are very thin and blend easily into the cake.  

All in all I am not a fan of either product, neither product worked amazing over the fondant.  However if you are only going to frost your cake then I assume (haven't actually tried this so I can't guarantee anything) that the cake tattoos would stick much better, but I still wouldn't recommend the sugar sheets, they were too stiff. I would only use them if I wanted to cut out stiff shapes and put them on top of cupcakes or other little desserts.


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