Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snowmen Cake Bites

Cake bites <3.  Cake bites are cake pops without the sticks, still just as delicious.  I used edible markers to draw their faces and buttons and pink sprinkles for their hats.

To make these treats roll two different sized cake balls (just like cake pops, follow a cake pop recipe).  Dip the largest cake ball into the melted chocolate first and place it on wax  paper, immediately dip the smaller ball into the melted chocolate and place it on top of the larger cake ball.  Now allow it to dry completely.  Once it has completely dried dip just the very top of its head back into the chocolate, then dip the top of its head into a small prep bowl filled with sprinkles.  The sprinkles will only stick to the melted chocolate.  Once that dries you can decorate with the edible markers.

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