Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Delights

Here are three cute Valentine's Day delights I found online for every skill level :).


Simple and Sweet:
Follow the recipe for your box of cake mix.  But don't forget the secret ingredient!  A few drops of red food coloring.  After your cupcakes have cooled place a heart shaped cookie/stencil/paper cut-out on the top of the cupcake and sprinkle powdered sugar over them.  Finally remove the heart cookie/etc and tie a ribbon around your cupcake.  Voila! 


Love Letters:
Begin with heart shaped sugar cookies decorated with white royal icing.  Use an edible marker to write "love" all across the cookie.  Be careful not to smudge the letters!  Finally monogram your cookies!  Okay, maybe this wasn't really at the intermediate level, but they certainly look like they should be.


This box of chocolate is cute enough to eat!  Using the back of a heart shaped cookie pan shape your dough and bake the cookies on top of the cookie pan.  This will give the cookies the ideal indented shape.  While  the cookies are cooling cut out fondant for the ribbon, bow, and knobs.  After the cookies have cooled ice the cookies and let them dry (if you don't want to use icing you can also decorate the entire cookie with fondant).  Next attach the knobs, then the ribbon, and then the bow (use a little bit of water to attach the fondant).  Fill your box with cute candies and give your heart away.

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