Saturday, April 14, 2012

Textbook Cake

Made this just for fun, one of the simplest cakes I've ever made <3.  
Give it a try anyone can make this :)!

To make a cake like this you need:
- 1 Box of Cake Mix
- Fondant (1 Box of Witlon PreRolled)
- 1 Can of Frosting
- Edible Color Sprays
- Chocolate Writers

First bake a regular cake (13X9).  While the cake is baking begin making the fondant covers for the book.  Roll out fondant and cut 2 rectangles (14X10) and the spine of the book (eyeball that measurement).  Next decorate the fondant, I used edible color spray to get the colors I wanted.  By now the cake should be about done.  Allow the cake to cool before frosting it with the icing.  

While you are waiting for the cake to cool continue decorating the fondant (give the spray a little time to dry).  I used chocolate writers to write on the fondant, icing didn't hold its shape well enough and I didn't feel like cutting out fondant letters.  After the cake has cooled and you have frosted it cover the cake with a white piece of fondant.  Put the bottom book cover on a cake board and move the fondant covered cake onto the bottom book cover.

Now Use a fork to gently draw lines on the sides to create the illusion of pages.  Allow the book spine and the front cover of the book to harden (you may have to leave it over night).  Once they have hardened use a small amount of water to stick the spine and book cover onto the cake.  Share, eat, and enjoy.

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