Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Treats

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating lately but school and work are keeping me crazy busy.  But since I haven't made anything recently here are more bakespirational cookies for you to try.  Hopefully I'll get to try these out too! :)

Obviously I LOVE Valentine's Day :), and I love the adorable treats people have made for it.  These mini cakes are from Wilton's website.  These little mini cakes are made with sugar sheets and if you've read some of my previous posts you know I am NOT a fan of those.  I am also not a big fan of cutting the little cakes out of a sheet cake, it takes a lot of time and wastes a lot of cake (unless you make cake pops too).  So when I make these I am going to go cake pop style for the entire mini cake!  Instead of using the sugar sheets I am going to use a thin piece of fondant for the top hearts, as far as the sides go I'll play it by ear and get back to you.

If you are single and celebrating Valentine's Day with your best friend then lucky you because you have a reason to make this adorable cookie...

This is another cute idea from Wilton.  Good luck with the writing, pretty fonts are not my forte :x.  

Hopefully I can make something soon for you guys :)!

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